The fatāwā and Q&A on this site are taken from the writings of Hadhrat Mawlānā Ahmad Sadeq Desai (Hafizahullah) who is a khalifah of Shaykh Masīhullah Khan Sherwāni Jalālabādi (Rahimahullah), one of the foremost khalifahs of the great Mujaddid Mawlānā Ashraf Ali Thānawi (Rahimahullah) (d.1943).

All writings and publications on Mujlisul Ulama’s official site ( are also by him unless stated otherwise – this includes queries answered through the Mujlisul Ulama’s official email:

Mawlānā Ahmad Sadeq Desai can be easily contacted for Deeni queries or spiritual advice on the above email.

There’s some more information regarding Hadhrat Mawlānā Ahmad Sadeq Desai (Hafizahullah) here.

Regarding Mawlānā’s harshness towards the Ulama-e-Soo’ and deviants who drag countless people with them into Jahannum, the following article provides an adequate answer:

Why is the Majlis so Harsh and ‘Extreme’ Towards Deviations and Deviants?


  1. basheer essop

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Masha-Allah a very good initiative

    I have access to many past issues of the Majlis if I can assist please let me Know

    I do recommend always adding the reference for each question so one knows which volume of the Majlis it came from

    Basheer V. Essop

    1. Admin Article Author


      Very nice to meet you brother, alhamdulllah.

      I will do so inshallah when needed.

      Jazaakallahu khayr for the recommendation, a small chunk of answers do have the reference. But, unfortunately as it became tedious I haven’t done it for the majority of questions. However, I still try to add the reference to some answers where I will feel like it’s needed (e.g. strongly time-frame specific answers etc.).

      May Allah Ta’ala keep you with aafiyat.

      Duas requested.

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