Q. Some people say that according to the Hadith it is not permissible to label a Kalimah reciter ‘kaafir’. The kufr will rebound on the person who proclaims a Muslim as kaafir. Is this the correct interpretation of the Hadith?

A. While the Ahaadith are authentic, the understanding and interpretation of the zindeeqs are shaitaani inspirations. Shaitaan urinates baatil in their brains. A cross-worshipper who recites the Kalimah is a kaafir. A person who denies the finality of Nubuwwat is a kaafir even if he performs Salaat, pays Zakaat, Fasts and performs Hajj. A man who recites the Kalimah and executes all the commands of Islam is a kaafir if he makes Istikhfaaf of any Hukm of Allah Ta’ala. The Fuqaha have explained these Ahaadith in detail. The meaning accorded to these narrations by the zindeeqs is baatil. Read Allaamah Kashmiri’s Ikfaarul Mulhideen to gain a good understanding of the mas’alah of Takfeer. The munaafiqeen recited the Kalimah; Qadianis recite the Kalimah; Shiahs recite the Kalimah while their doctrines are explicit kufr. Their recitation of the Kalimah does not admit them into the fold of Islam.

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