Q. The Qaaris who recite the Qur’aan should not be branded faasiq because they shave their beards. No one can see into their hearts. Why does the Majlis judge them so harshly? Only Allah Ta’ala judges people.

A. The Qaadhi judges people in terms of the Shariah. If your idea of judgment relates to even the judgment of the Qaadhi, then you are barking up the wrong tree. Judgment in the Aakhirah is the prerogative of Allah Azza Wa Jal, and this will take place in Qiyaamah. Here on earth we are under Shar’i obligation to administer the law and to issue the hukm on the zaahir and apply the law of the Shariah. If a man mingles with women, commits zina, consumes liquor, etc., he shall be labelled a faasiq in terms of the Shariah while perhaps in the Aakhirah he may be in a better position than numerous pious men and Ulama. That is for Allah Ta’ala to judge.

But here on earth, we are required to apply the law of the zaahiri Shariah. In terms of the Shariah, a man will most certainly be judged from even his outer-appearance. Thus, if a man wears a cross around his neck, he shall be branded a murtadd. If a man wears female clothes, he shall be a mal-oon, for the simple reason that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said so. So regardless of his intention, the hukm of the Shariah cannot be cancelled. Intention is never an abrogator (Naasikh) of Shar’i ahkaam.

What is the difference between zina and shaving the beard, or liquor and shaving the beard, or pork and shaving the beard, or killing a person and shaving the beard, or committing any other haraam act and shaving the beard? In nafs-e-hurmat – per se – they are all in the same class of fisq and fujoor. These acts of immorality differ only in degree of intensity of hurmat (prohibition). Furthermore, those who believe that there is nothing wrong with shaving the beard and that such a person is not a faasiq, do so at the peril of losing their Imaan because in this attitude is tahleel-e-haraam (making haraam lawful).

The averment that it is wrong to call a shaver of the beard a faasiq is a statement of kufr. The contender must renew his Imaan and Nikah. In making this averment, he is in fact saying that Allah Ta’ala – Nauthibillaah! – has erred for classifying a flagrant sinner to be a faasiq. The ahkaam of the Shariah are the effects of the Revelations of Allah Ta’ala. What this person says is that for fourteen centuries all the Fuqaha have erred in saying that keeping the beard is Waajib and shaving it is haraam.

There is no benefit in discussing with such a jaahil who suffers from massive ghabaawat. The beard is of fundamental importance for Taqwa. A man who shaves his beard is among the worst of fussaaq. He is guilty of perpetrating a haraam act, and he invites Allah’s la’nat every second while his face is beardless.

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