Q. A concerned father has requested me to write to you and get the Shariah ruling on this issue. He is 75 + years and at present living with one of his sons, in the house which is in the name of his son and his wife. He contributes towards grocery expenses. Originally, this was in his and his deceased wife’s name.

The wife passed away recently. During the initial purchase of the house the father paid $25,000.00 as a deposit and to date has invested close to $50,000.00. The father became seriously ill about a year ago and while in hospital bed, was made to sign ownership of the house, by his wife and the son into their names.

Now, the son , after his mother had passed away, is telling the father to vacate the house and find some other place, and is also not giving any money or compensation, towards his investment. Appreciate your comments.

A. According to the Shariah, the house remains the property of the father. His signature whilst he was bed-ridden in hospital is not valid. Either the son is no longer a Muslim, or his Imaan is at the point of elimination. He is a veritable Iblees. It is possible that he may die without Imaan if he maintains his current haraam and satanic stance towards his father. This son is a brutal devil. Such behaviour is not expected of even illegitimate children.

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