Q. I need some advice please. Our daughter who is 11 attends a school which has camp in grade 5, 6 and 7 requiring them to sleep away from home for 2 nights. She is in grade 5 so needs to start camp this year. We were not keen in sending her especially due to the fact that she has to sleep there. We just don’t trust the surroundings as circumstances are very different nowadays. Islamically, although she has not attained maturity we feel it is not appropriate for girls to sleep away from home. We have been faced with some resistance from the school.. We then agreed to send her but only on condition we can fetch her and she is not allowed to sleep at camp. Also food wise we are very strict with halaal so she can only eat the food we send with her. I would like to know Islamically what would the stance be on sending our children on these camps as there are many Muslim parents who don’t see any problem or don’t mind.

A. They will only mind when their daughters are embroiled in an illicit relationship or when she elopes or becomes the mother of an illegitimate child. In fact, nowadays many parents will not mind even if their daughters become prostitutes. Their ties with the Deen have been completely severed by their kufr lifestyle. The people of the school are all agents of shaitaan. The school is a school of Iblees.

Parents who send their children to these shaitaani schools are paving the path of Jahannam for them. It is absolutely appalling for parents to allow their daughters to sleep out at night like prostitutes. In terms of Islam, the parents are casting their daughters in the mould of prostitution. Everything related to the school is haraam. Learning at the school is haraam. The camping is compounded haraam bedevilled with zina. You appear to be islamically inclined. How is it that you are unable to grasp that it is absolutely haraam to send your daughter to the shaitaani camp?

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